by Waves of Infinity

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released December 31, 2015


Justin Clark - Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals, Synthesizers/Pianos, Drum Programming

Jeff Ostler - Lead and Rhythm Guitar

Geoff Lay - Lead Vocals, Guitar Solo in "Divide"

Sunimal Alles - Additional Lead Guitars, Solo in "Exodus

Composed by Justin Clark, Jeff Ostler and Geoff Lay
Produced and Recorded by Justin Clark and Waves of Infinity
Mixed by Matt Winegar at Secret Sidewalk Studios (Oakland, CA, USA)
Mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios (Orebro, Sweden)

WAVES OF INFINITY is Justin Clark, Jeff Ostler, Geoff Lay, Torrey Bouck and Sunimal Alles

Visit us at www.facebook.com/wavesofinfinity



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Waves of Infinity Salt Lake City, Utah

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Track Name: I - Divide
The Light
Revealed to us
A Vision
Not yet perceived

A product of our own design
A fatal flaw in the perfect system
The hope and change create divide

Reality has settled in
We are driven away
Our home? The Earth?
She did the best she could

Some say this is the end of days
But we have found another way

Three cheers ‘round as we end this way of life
And leave this Earth
Raise our glasses
Continue on our way
To new beginnings…

Total control is the only way that you could ever feel safe
It has cost us the humanity that you swore to defend
You failed us all, and despite our array we will leave as one
This is the beginning of the end of days

We can all be saved
For we have found another way

Solo: Ostler

Solo: Lay

Three cheers ‘round as we end this way of life
And leave this Earth
Continue on our way
To new beginnings…
Track Name: II - Exodus
All men must die
Will we be doomed?
Or will we be reborn

We are the Light

Break from the chains
Mother reason welcomes us with open arms

A new version…

Solo: Alles

Rising from the ashes of the ultimate escape
Thirty trillion miles ahead
We set upon the void

Sleep now
Dream of the Light

A new version (of the Earth)

We continue on our way
But has the Earth survived?
Let us not forget the fate of what we leave behind

The end of days, averted?
Track Name: III - The Crash
Traveled through infinity…

Becoming alive again
Shaking off sleep
What is this place?

Redefining who I am
Traveled through time, and light years away from where I began

Searching for the Light in myself
Conveying the urgency

The weight of the world
On our shoulders

Traverse the pain
Fight the divide
Destiny has led me
Home: The Light
Track Name: IV - What We Leave Behind
Solo: Ostler

A new version
Of the Earth
Raise our glasses
And never forget

Solo: Clark

Solo: Ostler

A vision of the Earth
Can we find it in ourselves?
To leave behind
The inevitable